Avail thBest in Class Residences offered By Westwood Residences EC

Each and every year, the KBD Westwood residential township developers have been eventually establishing and proffering cost effective and exclusive luxury residences. These residences are provided to be personalized for the residents in such a way that these residences could provide each and every individual resident with best quality of comforts and luxuries in all means. This year, the KBD Westwood has got hikes on establishment of new EC residences and this newly defined project has been established to get nestled with private residential estates of Westwood. The westwood residence being integrated within the Westwood EC residential project has been located along the Westwood Avenue in the Jurong West. The Wesdtwood residences would cover the surrounding amenities that would compute Nanyang Technological University, Cleantech Park and the entire landscape is surrounded by the landed terrace houses bounded within the cluster of the Woods. The residents could eventually make use of opportunities to book for houses either via online or offline strategies to get provided with best desired Woods cluster houses of the Westwood. The KBD Westwood has also integrated several VIP residences and standardized and customized residences for the residents to avail the desired site, floor and payment plans in several possible means.

Some of the additional features and specifications of the Westwood residences would include highly integrated and fully functioning shopping malls, well defined swimming pool, business center, play area, yoga and fitness center, medical and hospitality center, emergency center, recreation center, sports center, security center, tennis court, football court, and supermarket. Also, the specifications would include departmental stores, primary and secondary schools and Jurong affiliated colleges, Unoversities, clinic, cafeteria, all time maintenance staff services, security services, administrative services, welcome residence services, round clock CCTV surveillance monitoring services, restaurant and hotel services, and much more. Along with all these additional features and functionalities, residents could be able to avail desired payment plans and desired amenities that could be availed along with residences. The Westwood residences and realty services would fulfil all desires of customers and hereby, the KBD westwood successfully strives to provide customer satisfied services that could exceed the expectations in availing the desired homes with best luxuries and comforts in a much combined manner. Thus, without any Afoul, the people who are seeking to get provided with cost effective residents that accommodates all residential and commercial strategies with prospects to lead a tranquil and serene lifestyle, could eventually make use of the guaranteed and assured residential homes and realty services of Westwood.


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